Tiger King's Jeff Lowe on Wanted List Again: Zoo Owner Served Over Four Warrants [REPORT]

Tiger King

Jeff Lowe is getting more familiar with warrants as he received another set of them this week.

Following his DUI arrest, Lowe wholly snubbed the court where he was scheduled to show up. A source confirmed that this led him to receive four bench warrants in Las Vegas.

A Las Vegas Municipal Court employee revealed to Fox News that Lowe got the warrants following a different incident in 2017. At that time, the 56-year-old zoo owner was reportedly charged with one count of doing business without a license and three counts of license or permit for wild animals.

The news outlet detailed that the reality star can only get rid of the warrants once he posts $20,500 and sets a new date. The court employee added that each count has a warrant bail of $5,125 each.

A separate news outlet revealed that Lowe was imprisoned for illegally making a profit off of animals in the Las Vegas valley. He further avoided jail time by not committing any misdemeanor or felony.

Jeff Lowe No Longer New to Arrests

The four bench warrants arrived only a few days after the Oklahoma Police arrested Lowe and his wife following a DUI.

On June 6, the police reportedly saw the white Ranger Rover as it drove over a parking lot curb. It then immediately increased its speed once it entered the street before stopping abruptly after noticing a cop.

The police report detailed that Lauren opened the door and spoke in a slurred speech. Lowe then moved and drove the vehicle again before changing a lane illegally.

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Lowe and Wife Cannot Even Stand

The authorities added that they already noticed a strong odor of alcohol consumption, proving a DUI. They also did a sobriety test for both Lowe and his wife to confirm. Both of them found it difficult to stand. Lauren also evidently had slurred speech.

Weeks before that, the couple also violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA) which led authorities to investigate the Tiger King Park. The U.S. Department of Justice released a statement last month saying that they seized over 68 animals.

Since December 2020, they already did three inspections inside the zoo and saw several blunders.

"Jeff tells me to share with you to 'Watch Tiger King 2 for the real story, not the story made up by a corrupt DOJ,'" Jeff's attorney, Walter Mosley, said.

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