Has karma hit R. Kelly even in jail?

In 2019, the R&B superstar sat down with Gayle King for a one-on-one interview for CBS. He was put on the spot to talk about the sexual abuse allegations that have plagued him for years.

It has been reported that King had a financial agreement with R. Kelly, which would guarantee him big bucks.

However, as AllHipHop reported, the "I Believe I Can Fly" hitmaker didn't get the money directly.

Their sources revealed that there was a negotiator that was supposed to get the money. That negotiator is said to be not his lawyer, and it's unclear who might be it.

With R. Kelly not getting the money he was promised, he is reportedly pissed off as he is broke.

Not only is he broke, but he is broke and still in jail. It's also unclear how much he was supposed to get. But the money was supposed to be used for his defense.

Meanwhile, some people are angry at Gayle King for actually and allegedly paying him even after being accused of several infractions against young women.

They believe he doesn't deserve to get money for the reported crimes he has committed. After all, R. Kelly isn't the victim in all of this.

But King has reportedly already done her part. She has allegedly paid for the interview and it's not her fault anymore R. Kelly didn't get the money, according to the outlet's source.

R. Kelly Fired Two Lawyers

Recently, it has been reported that two of R. Kelly's top lawyers, Steve Greenberg and Michael Leonard, have withdrawn from the case, as it was "impossible" for them to represent him "under the current circumstances adequately."

Greenberg wrote on his Twitter page last week, "Sometimes, you can't save someone from themselves no matter how hard you try."

Though the team has lost two out of the four lawyers, two lawyers remaining, Thomas A. Farinella and Nicole Becker Blank, told US District Judge Ann Donnelly that the shakeup wouldn't affect R. Kelly's Brooklyn trial, which is scheduled for Aug. 9.

The two lawyers also claimed that the "Ignition" hitmaker fired their two colleagues.

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R. Kelly In Jail

R. Kelly, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, is accused of leading an entire organization made up of his bodyguards, managers, and other employees who helped him recruit women of all ages for sex.

According to federal prosecutors, these employees selected victims at concerts and other venues and arranged for them to travel to be with the singer.

He is also facing sex-related charges, including child pornography and obstruction of justice in other states such as Illinois, Minnesota, and Chicago.

Federal authorities arrested the 54-year-old in July 2019, but his hearing has been rescheduled several times because of the pandemic.

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