David Dobrik breaks his hiatus by dropping a vlog on the streaming platform. It  can be remembered that the public figure was involved in multiple scandals in the past months.

Based on this article, Dobrik used to be everyone's favorite vlogger.

This is proven by his 20 million subscriber count on YouTube.

The vlogger posted a 4-minute video with the title "SURPRISING MY FRIENDS!!" on Tuesday night.

The said vide had garnered millions of views already as of writing.

The vlog in David's classic style showcased a series of short clips with all of his friends who belong in "The Vlog Squad," surprising them with a trip to Hawaii.

No one mentioned anything about the scandals and allegations.

However, Jason Nash's mother appears for a few seconds, in the beginning, screaming excitedly, and hugs the vlogger.

"I've been worried about you. I'm on Xanax because of you," the elderly expressing her concern and anxiety in connection to Dobrik's current situation.

David Dobrik Spotted in Hawaii While Filming For His Comeback Video, Fans Can Now Expect Weekly Vlogs

Amid the controversies, David kept it low-key ever since news hit his involvement in multiple harassment allegations.

According to sources, Corinna Kopf foreshadowed the return of David's Vlogs when she revealed that the vlogger was "doing good" and that she's "sure" that he'll be back to vlogging.

An Instagram picture of Dobrik with a fan went viral. The fan who posted it confirmed that he met the celebrity in Maui County in Hawaii.

Since then, fans have been speculating about David's return to the YouTube scene, but no other proof had been found other than the one selfie in Hawaii.

The vlog ends with "New Vlogs Every Tuesday" in strong white font against a black background.

This did not sit well  with the netizens, with many expressing extreme opposition to David still getting views from subscribers.


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David Dobrik's Connection To His Friend's Assault Allegations


David's childhood friend Dominykas Zeglaitis is still facing sexual assault allegations, while another former member of the Vlog Squad claims to felt violated and tricked.

The Wrap reports that the YouTube star was the instigator of the harassment during various "skits" for his vlogs.

The vlogger uploaded an apology video on March 17 wherein he reiterates the importance of consent.

Soon after sponsors dropping him and ad deals not pushing through, Dobrik announced his hiatus from vlogging on March 23.

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