After months of Tyson Fury being accused of cheating, Deontay Wilder stayed silent after meeting once again in a press conference.

For months the former heavyweight champion Wilder has dragged Tyson Fury's name through the mud.

According to Sports Illustrated, he has accused Fury, without evidence, of loading his gloves for their February 2020 fight.

The fight ended with Fury stopping Wilder in the seventh round.

Deontay Wilder Goes Silent After Meeting Tyson Fury In Press Conference

Wilder accused Fury, without evidence, of manipulating his gloves and intentionally scratching his inner ear, causing it to bleed.

According to Boxing Insider, the two boxers faced head to head once again for a press conference in Los Angeles to promote their heavyweight title fight, which will be held on July 24.

And, the article also reported that this was the first time the two met in the same room since Fury's shocking knockout win.

This was also Wilder's chance to confront the fellow he accused of some of the most severe cheating violations in boxing history.

Yet, this time around, the former WBC heavyweight Titleist refused to answer questions during the conference.

He only made a brief opening statement, thanking God, his training staff, and his legal team.

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Tyson Fury Describes Wilder As "Mentally Weak"

"It shows how weak of a mental person he is," Fury said of Wilder's silence.

Wilder has done interviews with local radio stations and podcasts that even after the press conference, Wilder sat down with YouTube videographer Elie Seckbach in his hotel room.

This has shown a different view of why the Alabama native goes silent when given a chance to confront Fury.

"He didn't want to get into it with Fury at the press conference," Shelly Finkel, Wilder's longtime manager, mentioned in an interview.

"What's on his mind right now is just fighting Fury. He said, 'If Fury wants to talk, let him talk.' He just wants to fight."

If Wilder gets knocked out again-and early odds peg an early Fury finish as the most likely outcome-his legacy will come under review.

If that happens, he will likely finish his career with two quality wins, all of which came from winning against Luis Ortiz.

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