Twitter users are having a field day as the hashtag #ApologizeToGabbieHanna begins to trend in light of the YouTuber's recent drama with Trisha Paytas.

The majority of the tweets are people passionately denying Gabbie an apology, reiterating that the public figure is considered a rape apologist anwyway.

"No I don't think I will apologize to a[n] internalised misogynistic rape apologist who uses mental health to excuse her actions," one Twitter user said.

Some are even going as far as using the hashtag to call her batsh-t crazy. "Why the hell is #ApologizeToGabbieHanna trending?? She's a rape apologist and a victim gaslighter not to mention straight up batshi-t crazy #ApologizeToJessiSmiles #F-ckGabbieHanna."

The Twitter user referred to Hanna's former best friend, Jessi Vazquez, who claimed rape charges against Curtis LePore in 2014.

Gabbie's involvement in the case was in the form of subtweets, which she later deleted, saying, "Beware beware beware of a woman with a broken heart."

The tweet referenced the YouTuber allegedly picking LePore's side, who later pleaded guilty to the assault.

Gabbie Hanna Claims To Have "Never Been Obsessed With Trisha," Fans Divided and Start Taking Sides

After posting a 21-minute video on her YouTube channel, Gabbie Hanna then took it to Twitter to dig her grave.

The star posted a screenshot of her text message with Trisha Paytas in 2017, instantly flooded by Trisha's fans in the replies.

Some sided with Paytas and defended her and said, "most people don't remember what they texted last week, let alone 4 years ago."

However, others can also relate to Gabbie's situation.

Just like one user who said, "I know gabbie is kinda not the vibe rn but she kinda has a point?? Like i see the situation from her side too."

Loyal fans of the YouTuber have defended her from the haters, claiming that since "Trisha was heard so we should hear Gabbie out."


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YouTubers Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna Fight Amidst Controversies, Choose The Lesser Hyprocript

Amidst the drama between "Frenemies" ex-co-hosts Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein, a long-forgotten issue with Gabbie Hanna arises.

According to Insider, the two YouTubers have been involved in a "years-long saga."

And this regards their accountability as influencers to young people.

The two have many similarities, including their famous "storytime" content, mental health advocacies, and never-ending YouTube controversies.

Fans no longer have it as the two are still pointing fingers while accusing the other of being a blogger hypocrite.

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