English singer-songwriter Jessie J got emotional as she updated fans about struggling from Ménière's disease.

The 33-Year old broke down in tears as she revealed she lives and fights against the disorder as she suffers from "pain everyday."

Daily Mail UK reported she shared a tearful video of herself quietly singing her new single "I Want Love" on June 18.

Jessie mentioned, 'I was asked to send a speech therapist a video of me singing something quietly, so she could hear my voice."

Her diagnosis was already reported in December 2020, in which she spent the time in the hospital after Christmas Eve.

Jessie J Opens Up About Her Ménière's Disease And Other Symptoms She Is Suffering

The "Domino" singer went on to explain a more detailed analysis of her symptoms related to what turned out to be her vocal nodules and acid reflux, which took a toll on overall health, according to E! News.

'The first song I sang was "I Want Love." Just hearing myself sing it and feel so vulnerable whilst singing brought me to tears."

'I have never ever to this day (since recording it) been able to sing it because of the pain I am experiencing. Man, it's been hard not singing.

Jessie also shared that she had to endure having eight cameras down her nose and examinations from six different doctors.

The singer added that they put her on a rigorous diet which saw her eat 'the same six foods for three months.

Jessie did not specify if doctors put her on a diet to help with her Ménière's disease.

Jessie's nodules disappeared after being told to rest and reduce all her talking and singing.

However, the doctors have warned her that singing again will cause them to return.

She added there has still not been any reasoning provided for her problems with acid reflux.

The "Pricetag" singer even promised, "I'm still seeing different doctors and doing everything I can to resolve it."

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Jessie J On Her Singing Career and "I Want Love" Promotions

The singer revealed that she discussed with her management about delaying her new single, "I Want Love."

Yet, in the end, they decided to push forward with it all.

She would be taking a step back from plugging her single for now, but she hopes fans could appreciate her honesty.

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