While people think Lilibet Diana can be a gamechanger in the relationship between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the Queen, a royal expert claims that this is true but not on a positive note.

According to the royal expert, Lilibet Diana might even be the reason why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will ultimately lose their titles. Allegedly, if the Queen finds out the two is using Lilibet for their own commercial interests, she will find it imperative to strip them of whatever remaining royal titles they have.

If she so much as find out that her granddaughter is being exploited, the expert claimed that this could be the trigger for a final break between Harry and Her Majesty the Queen. 

The Australian-based royal watcher Daniela Elser, claimed that the existence of several website domain names registered by Harry and Meghan that incorporate little Lilibet's name is already raising some eyebrows in the palace.

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Some are said to be already worried that the young child's undeniable royal connections could be exploited for commercial gain. This would be a big no-no for the Queen and she would be compelled to act out. 

The royal watcher is not imagining things.

According to Daily Star UK, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle already snapped up website domains for "Lilibet Diana" and "Lili Diana" even before Queen gave approval to the child's name. This was done just days after the tot was born.

At the time, an expert claimed that the Queen might not even like the fact that her granddaughter has her nickname as her name.

"I'm not getting the impression there's much happiness at Windsor Castle about the choice of Lilibet as the baby's name," Richard Palmer wrote. He shared that majority thought this was an olive branch on the part of Markle and Prince Harry, but the Queen is likely to view it as a potential exploitation move.

"It may have been an olive branch but there's sensitivity because of any perceived attempt to use the Queen as part of the Sussex brand," he added.

Other royal experts claimed that there were talks of Markle and Prince Harry being quite shameless in naming their kid Lilibet Diana - after all the bombshell tidbits they dropped about their time back in the palace.

One more expert, Sarah Vine shared that, "A lot of people - a lot of readers - emailed me to say they thought it was really shameless that they had done this almost to stamp the royal name on this child's head, however much they fell out with the family." 

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