Britney Spears already had qualms with her her 13-year conservatorship from very early on in the case. While people thought she was fine with her situation, or has already accepted it, previously sealed court documents released for the first time on Tuesday show showed for a long time, she had already been frustrated with it. 

Based on an all-out report by the New York Times, a court investigator said in 2016 that Spears, now 39, was "sick of being taken advantage of."  The investigator even wrote that Britney felt she was "the one working and earning her money but everyone around her is on her payroll." This means she felt that while she was earning top bucks and grueling away, she did not enjoy her financial achievements. 

That year, the pop star also informed the investigator that she wanted the conservatorship terminated altogether. She reportedly shared that the conservatorship shows how "obsessed" her father was in controlling her. 

"She articulated she feels the conservatorship has become an oppressive and controlling tool against her," the court investigator wrote (via Page Six), claiming the singer had,"Too much control ... Too, too much!"

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It can be remembered that Britney's father, Jamie Spears, was given the role of conservator of her person and co-conservator of her estate alongside attorney Andrew Wallet in 2008 when she broke down in public back in 2007. 

Wallet finally stepped down as estate manager in October 2020. However, a financial firm named Bessemer Trust was put in his place. Moreover, even if Britney alleged that her father was controlling her life, Jamie remained co-conservator of Britney's money. He was however, no longer in charge of her personal affairs. It was back in 2019 when a licensed fiduciary, Jodi Montgomery, temporarily started overseeing these matters in September 2019.

Britney reportedly wants Montgomery, who's been described as her care manager, to permanently take over the role.

It can also be remembered a court-appointed attorney Samuel D. Ingham III claimed back in November 2020 that the "Overprotected" singer is already allegedly "afraid" of her own father.

Documents obtained by the newspaper from a 2014 hearing stated that Ingham already revealed that the pop star found her dad problematic, citing his drinking and many more issues. The report even claimed that Britney Spears felt so controlled by her dad to the point that the color of her kitchen cabinets was interfered with. 

The report claimed that Britney only had a $2,000 weekly allowance, a small amount compared to what she was bringing in. 

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