Justin Bieber and wife Hailey are under fire over their outfit choices for their meeting with the French President.

Page Six reports that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin met with the President and his wife at Macron's élysée Palace just this week.

There are no official statements yet on why President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron decided to meet the American stars.

However, TMZ re-posted the picture that Justin uploaded on his Instagram, which garnered people's attention for the wrong reasons.

One of the comments said, "The fact that she [Hailey] went to meet a president in that outfit? Girl you really are out of touch with reality. You wouldn't even wear that to work, let alone to meet a president."

"No class at all... didn't they get the memo they were meeting The president and wife?" another person commented under the tweet.

The revealing outfits and shoes were deemed "immature."

Hailey Baldwin Meets Up with Justin in Paris After A Week with Friends in Mexico

The criticisms on outfit came as a surprise since the model has been spotted worldwide within the past week sporting the trendiest looks and turning heads wherever she goes.

According to sources, Hailey left Mexico to reunite with her husband, Justin, in the city of love.

Before that, she was accompanied by Kendall Jenner and their other model friends in Cabo, Mexico, during the weekend where the "girls' getaway" was held.

The model shared snapshots of her short trip in Paradise on her Instagram with the caption "gals weekend ️"

Hailey then transformed her outfits from relaxed-girl-on-the-beach to fashion-model-it-girl when she arrived in France.

The model opted to change her strappy bikini for some strapped sandals as she walked the streets of Paris, holding hands with Bieber.

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Mr. & Mrs. Bieber Enjoy Roaming Around the City

Paparazzi heavily tracked the celebrity couple during their date.

Based on this article, the two were first spotted having a romantic dinner at the 1st Arrondissement, located in the old city of Paris.

The next day, the married couple was seen at Kith for a shopping spree before meeting with President Emmanuel Macron and his wife.

The couple has yet to return home to the States after celebrating Fête de la Musique with French politicians.

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