The veteran actor Harrison Ford reportedly got injured during the filming of the fifth installment of "Indiana Jones."

In this article by The Star, Harrison Ford was in the middle of rehearsing an action scene when he felt pain in his shoulder.

The current filming schedule had been halted until further notice.

It was also reported that the production team is still waiting for a status update on Ford's current condition.

According to sources, the severity of the injury could lead to major changes in the film's plot, specifically Harrison Ford's fighting scenes.

With that, the scheduled release might get pushed to a further date.

The original showing date for "Indiana Jones 5" is set for July 29, 2022.

Walt Disney Co Announces Statement Regarding 'Indiana Jones' Star Harrison Ford

The company immediately published a statement regarding Ford's injury and the state of "Indiana Jones 5" filming state.

"Production will continue while the appropriate course of treatment is evaluated, and the filming schedule will be reconfigured as needed in the coming weeks," the announcement read.

Based on this article, Disney has postponed the production of the filth installment multiple times.

However, the film production began earlier in June 2021 as the actors and crew were spotted in London.

This is not the first time Harrison Ford was injured on set.

The Hollywood star had suffered from a back injury while filming for "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom," the second installment in the movie series.

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Twitter Fans React to Harrison Ford's Injury, Demands a "Younger Indiana Jones"

Although concerned about the actor's well-being, netizens are more focused on replacing Harrison Ford as "Indiana Jones."

This post on Twitter garnered the attention of movie watchers as the news of Ford's injury made fans question the actor's capability for action scenes at his age.

One fan even suggested re-casting other actors for the lead role, "Harrison, I love you, but they should have gone with a "Younger Indiana Jones" movie with Chris Patt..."

  While others exaggerated his age saying, "Dude is like 109 years old... It's gonna be hard to watch Indy punching a 208lb henchman, swinging over 750ft drops, and out running a 30mph boulder."

There was also a discussion about assigning Alden Ehrenreich for the new Indiana Jones as the fans were impressed with his role as the younger Han Solo from 'Star Wars.'

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