Paramount has recently released promotional content with Henry Golding for the upcoming "G.I. Joe" spin-off, including a poster and trailer.

Directed by Robert Schwentke, "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe" is the first production involving the Hasbro Cinematic Universe.

This project is meant to reboot the "G.I. Joe" series, and a lot is at stake for "Snake Eyes'" origin story.

According to sources, the production re-casted for the lead role, featuring "Crazy Rich Asian" Henry Golding instead of Ray Park.

The teaser poster showcases the newly improved character sporting a revamped and updated suit and helmet but still maintaining the original "G.I. Joe" vibe.

"In this film, we pay homage to the classic lore that is "G.I. Joe," Golding claims during an interview.

Second Trailer for "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe"

The trailer shows fans previews of what's in store for 'Snake Eyes,' who participates in underground cage fights at night and sells shellfish in the morning.

Other cast members are also introduced in the teaser.

One of them is Andrew Koji, who makes an appearance as 'Storm Shadow' or 'Thomas S. Arashikage,' the head of the Arashikage clan.

Golding confesses that the two character's relationship is best described as "yin and yang- the ninja in black, the ninja in white," Daily Mail reports.

"The relationship between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is probably one of the greatest relationships ever created," Henry continues.

Previously, the actor boasted about the action and storyline of the movie and its capability to "blow people away."

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Spoilers on Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

"G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes" producer makes a promise to fans that the upcoming movie will reveal new secrets and unveil Snake Eye's past.

Lorenzo exclusively told Empire that the viewers would know more about the character's "tragic" backstory and personal ticks.

He spoils that film is different from all the other "Joe" movies and comic books.

"This movie owes more to the samurai film tradition or the Hong Kong film transition than it does to the way we've been constructing these motion pictures."

"Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe" will be available in theaters on July 23, 2021.

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