Chris Brown, with his records of hitting women, could not care less that new assault allegations are made about him. Instead of laying low while the investigations are ongoing, the singer attended RHUDE Fashion show in Beverly Hills on Wednesday and even made a grand entrance.

It is his right though since no arrests are made. 

The pop star, 32, known for abusing Rihanna when they were still in a relationship, made quite an entrance with Tyga and several other young men who followed them close behind on this event.

If his appearance is to be described, one can say there is not an ounce of worry on his face, even though he knows full well that people are looking and probably even judging. 

This could mean both ways - that he's truly not guilty or that he simply does not care, even if he is. 

This is however, the first time the "Zero" crooner was seen out and about ever since the assault incident allegedly happened and ever since an investigation was launched.  

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He was wearing an attention-catching blue leather pants with matching sneakers that was paired with a beige and black button-down sweater over a white t-shirt. He looked relaxed and unperturbed by all the talks about him. He then even flashed a peace sign to a cameraman.

According to the Los Angeles police department, they received a complaint from the alleged victim about Brown smacking her so hard in the head that her "weave came off," as reported by TMZ.  While no arrests were made, investigation still has been launched. 

The singer also allegedly responded to these accusations in his own dismissive way. 

On his Instagram Story post, he placed a comment that simply read "YALL SO DAMN," with a cap emoji. Experts claimed that the cap is to be considered a slang for a lie. 

The thing is, his record when it comes to female treatment is not the nicest, which makes it easier for people to believe those who would come forward and accuse him of hurting them.

The alleged incident brings to mind his 2009 arrest for physically assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna. At the time, he pleaded guilty to felony assault. He was sentenced to probation, which he completed in 2015. He was also sentenced to community service and tasked to complete a domestic violence counseling. 

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