Did Paris Hilton feel betrayed by Britney Spears when the latter confessed to not believing the former's abuse claims? Her actions now are certainly speaking louder than words. 

It appears that Paris Hilton is well aware that people are expecting her to react after her friend Britney Spears once doubted her abuse story.

Britney Spears was in her conservatorship hearing this week when she said her personally did not believe Paris Hilton was abused. It can be remembered that recently, the heiress released a documentary revealing that she did not have a charmed life as people thought she had.

Instead, she had quite the opposite. Not only was she once lost in her own insecurities and the pressures in her life, she was also repeatedly abused by many people in her life, including by the boarding school she was sent to

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Britney Spears however claimed that she was once of those who did not believe these stories, and claimed this disbelief on her part is one of the reasons why she also did not dare talk about her own abuse while under her conservatorship. If she could not believe her pal, then she would not believe people will take her revelations seriously, too. After all, she's a very successful pop star. 

Contrary to expectations,  Paris Hilton doesn't appear to be offended by the comments. Instead, it appears that she completely understood what Spears meant. She did not release any statements or the like though. Instead, her actions say it all, as revealed by Page Six.

The reality star-turned-DJ "liked" a series of tweets from fans defending Spears and her mentioning of Hilton. 

"I hope Paris Hilton doesn't take what Britney said personally," read one post on Twitter, which Hilton, 40, "liked."

"What she meant was that she understood how hard it was to be believed by people on the outside looking in. I'm sure she believes her now. #FreeBritney," the commenter added. 

Another Twitter user wrote, "I think Paris Hilton will understand what she mean't [sic]. Keep in mind, they are friends and probably have discussed it."

Hilton liked this too. 

Before this however, Hilton's mother and sister, Kathy and Nicky Hilton, already  expressed their support for the "Overprotected" singer.

"Such a sweet girl," Kathy, 62, said on the "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" after-show Wednesday. "And a good girl."

Nicky, 37, added, "You should know we believe her. Free Britney!"

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