Matt Maltese's love song "As The World Caves In" is going viral on TikTok right now. It's not a typical love song though, as some claimed the real interpretation is that Donald Trump and Theresa May might be hooking up.

"As the World Caves In" is one of the new sounds presently going viral on TikTok. It's not unusual for songs to so, especially if the song is really good, or is really weird. 

"As the World Caves In" can be considered good and weird at the same time.

The British songwriter Matt Maltese wrote this in 2017, who has become known to many as an excellent songwriter who can spun lyrics on love and heartbreak. 

The 23-year-old from Reading released his first EP and he explained that this song has a bizarre meaning to it. 

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"It's a love song based around Theresa May and Donald Trump having one last night of romance together while they trigger atomic warfare. Hopefully, it comes across romantic, sexy, but also sinister and stupid," Matt told The Fader

In the song, Donald Trump and Teresa May are described as spending their last moments on Earth together before they both ruin the world with nuclear warheads. 

The songwriter gave more interviews about the song, revealing that it was written in 2016 when Teresa May won the vote to renew the UK's Trident nuclear weapon. 

"I love writing about love, and I found that the idea of this humored me a little. In the context of such a ridiculous matching, I was able to really sweeten the song and make it as ridiculous as I wanted it to be, rather than just writing the song about me and a girl," he added in Interview Magazine.

On his part, Trump might not be really that keen to date once more. He's facing a lot of issues of late. 

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump received a warning this week from the Manhattan District Attorney's office. The warning stated that prosecutors soon may criminally charge the Trump Organization and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg.

The New York Times broke the story that Donald Trump might get criminal charges as early as next week if he decides to seek an indictment.

Trump is more keen to have these charges or the investigation on him dropped. He has for several times already, called Vance's investigation a "witch hunt." 

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