The Queen's behavior, now that Prince Philip is permanently gone from her side, is said to be baffling most of the royal spectators. What is happening to her? 

Many are expecting her to be somber, to be serious, or at least, to just have a sad demeanor. But she is the opposite of these all - and experts are jarred because she seems all the more smiley these days than she was in her public engagements in the past.

Queen Elizabeth's ease and smiles during recent public appearances are deemed shocking, especially when compared to how she was when she's in places of public scrutiny, where she always looked more stern. 

Experts are yet to determine if this observation is a good or a bad thing, but one thing's for sure - they're not used to it. Considering the timing too, they believe that it's completely unexpected. 

It's not as if the drama surrounding her and the whole royal family is getting any fewer in the past months. Given all the unrelenting drama on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the opposite is true. But she's unperturbed by them all.

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She's considerably upbeat - an adjective never really used in the same sentence with most royals, and especially not the queen. This is why is branded as "jarring" by a royal commentator, who could not hide his shock at Her Majesty's happy and relaxed nature during recent public appearances. 

According to some commentators, Queen Elizabeth could very well be acting. It may be because now that her husband has passed, and the queen knows everyone anticipates seeing her sad and unable to function, she's doing the opposite by putting on a "happy face for the public." She also opted to attend several high-profile engagements instead of canceling - which would have been completely understandable because of COVID-19, her age, and of course, the death of Prince Philip.

Royally Us host Molly Mulshine remarked, "I think she has to put on a happy face for the public but also that's not really in line with the British stiff upper lip."

"Maybe she's sending a message that she's a little bit more in her feelings and emotions than she would've been in the past," she added. 

'If you look at photos of her from the eighties and nineties, she never cracks a smile," she further said, obviously puzzled. 

Co-host Joe Drake agreed and said it's "jarring" for him. The QUeen's smiles on their latest public appearances are also "full-teeth" ones, and seem to signal that "she's having the time of her life."

It certainly remains to be seen if something else is going on, apart from the fact that the Queen just might be happy to be out and about, after a year of quarantine and more. 

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