Cardi B took the stage at the 2021 BET Awards where she performed with Offset's group, Migos on Sunday night.

The announcement, which was broadcasted from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, is the second time the "WAP" hitmaker has used live TV to confirm her pregnancy.

While a lot of fans are happy for the 28-year-old, some are disappointed that the dad is Cardi B's husband Offset and that his group used the New York-native to "save" their performance on stage.

One Twitter user said, "he made Cardi come out with her pregnant belly to save the performance.... OFFSET GOT HIS PREGNANT WIFE WORKING TO SAVE HIM AND HIS GROUP! This a real man to y'all?"


Some said that Offset "locked-in" Cardi B because he got her pregnant just in time for the summer and about to go on tour.

"Always during summertime too. He dropped an album to go tour and made sure his girl stayed home LMFAOOO."

Other fans mentioned how Offset was only going to use his wife and second child for money since Cardi B has a net worth of $24 million.

"Offset the type to ask for alimony and child support for the 'lifestyles he's become accustomed to.'"

But some fans couldn't help but place their bets on what Cardi B and Offset's baby name is going to be. Some of the top choices are "Manifestations," while others said it's going to be "Diamond" or "Kulture II."

Other reasons why the fans are not happy with Cardi B being pregnant with Offset once again is because, despite cheating on her numerous times, the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker continued to take him back.

Back in September, they were about to divorce as Cardi B was said to be exhausted with his man's infidelities that she filed for divorce, only to call it off and be spotted in a PDA at a party.

One of the reasons why Cardi B got back with him was because of his manhood and missing her convo with her "best friend."

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Cardi B's Second Live Pregnancy Announcement

When Cardi B was pregnant with her first child Kulture, the rapper went on "Saturday Night Live" to debut her baby bump back in July 2018.

For the 2021 BET Awards, Cardi B was nominated for five awards, including Best Collaboration for "WAP" with Megan Thee Stallion, Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, Viewer's Choice Award, and Video of the Year for "WAP" and "Up."

Meanwhile, her husband's group Migos received a Best Group nomination.

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