Britney Spears will face another headache as she tries to get rid of her conservatorship program.

Following her first court appearance, Spears and her lawyer finally forward the officially legal documents that aim to abort her 13-year conservatorship.

Samuel D. Ingham III himself submitted the files on Tuesday. Although the court considers it, Spears will reportedly need to undergo a mental assessment before the request moves forward.

Unfortunately, the "Toxic" hitmaker allegedly refused to receive the test. However, this may not be possible as a psychologically incapacitated person always needs to be evaluated by a medical professional.

Why Britney Spears Needs to Be Evaluated

In an interview with Health, Psychiatrist Dr. Sean Paul said that they play a huge role in helping the court whether or not to end a specific conservatorship.

"The psychiatrist's role in conservatorship proceedings is to evaluate the medical, environmental, psychological, behavioral, relationship, and emotional factors that are relevant to the case at hand," he said.

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Part of the evaluation process under conservatorship includes medical testing, psychological testing, interviews, and review of records.

Once the results are out, the psychiatrist assigned will forward written reports or court testimony to the court.

For Spears' part, she had to pass the evaluation to prove that she can finally handle her affairs. Dr. Paul added that the process may be court-ordered before the prosecutors terminate the conservatorship.

What Will Support Spears' Request?

Once she passes the evaluation, it would prove the reasons why she wants to end the conservatorship.

On June 23, Spears revealed that she was forced to take lithium without explaining to her any medical conditions she currently had.

She added that she took the drugs when she refused to do the Las Vegas residency. After receiving the medication, she reportedly felt drunk.

However, if she fails to end the program now, she would reportedly remain under conservatorship for more years.

According to legal expert Sarah J. Wentz, Spears' situation truly feels like an abusive one just like what the pop star said. She added that Spears needs to officially file legal paperwork to request its termination - which the singer already did.

Wentz added that a quick ruling is also possible if the conservators agree to the removal. However, for Spears' part, they all have to contest it by showing evidence whether it is needed or not. Thus, making it an extensive process.

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