Does Kim Kardashian care what she looks like all the time?

It seems like no matter where she's going, she always steps out in style, especially revealing outfit choices.

Kim Kardashian stood out with her ensemble while she privately toured Vatican City on Tuesday with her assistant Tracy Romulus and former supermodel Kate Moss and her 18-year-old daughter Lila.

Recently, the mom-of-four was spotted wearing a skintight off-shoulder dress with cutouts on the mid-section. The 40-year-old paired the dress with nude heels and sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Kate and her daughter wore black blazers under their dark dresses. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" trendy outfit may not be best worn where she went to.

Kim Kardashian's Vatican Outfit: What's Wrong With It?

Kim Kardashian toured the center of the Catholic Church, where she shunned a conservative dress code.

The billionaire's decision to wear lace also raised eyebrows, as the material is only traditionally worn to the Vatican by Catholic queens.

According to the guidelines of the official residence of the Pope, visitors are prohibited from wearing clothing that exposes their chest, their knees, and shoulders.


Kim Kardashian Receives Hate For 'Disrespectful' Choice of Wardrobe

On Twitter, social media users couldn't help but criticize the reality star for not following Vatican's dress code.

One person pointed out, "You want to know how far we've fallen as a civilization Kim Kardashian wore this to the Vatican and no one stopped her from going inside."

Another said, "In what universe does this outfit come across as appropriate attire for a visit to the Vatican?"

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But Did Kim Kardashian Really Break The Dress Code?

Kim Kardashian's lace dress exposed her shoulders and had cutouts around her mid-section.

In Vatican's rules, mostly prohibited parts of the body are exposed: the knees, shoulders, and hats.

Kim Kardashian also pushed the boundaries of churches as she wore white and lace material.

Famous people who previously visited the Vatican and met the Pope such as Queen Elizabeth, Michelle Obama, Ivanka and Melania Trump and Katy Perry wore black and accessorized their looks with a headpiece or veil.

According to records of the Vatican's dress code, the ladies' ensembles are in line with tradition. However, Kim didn't meet with the Pope. 

But it seemed like the queen of reality shows is not exempted from the church's rules because the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star reportedly put on a long black jacket upon entering the Sistine Chapel.

As for the Vatican Museum dress code, they are very lenient as non-black outfits are no longer restricted.

According to Vatican Tips, "They are not strict about you going through the museums with your knees and shoulders showing unless you come across a very grumpy security guard."

"You will likely be admitted into the general museums even if you are dressed a little immodestly by the Vatican standards."

So did Kim Kardashian break Vatican's dress code? Partly yes, partly no.

The long black jacket might have not been essential after Pope Francis relaxed the dress code rules. For those who have met with the Pope directly in recent years, the clothing seems to have been selected in respect to the tradition.

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