Kim Kardashian has made a deal with Spotify in the summer of 2020, but many people may have forgotten about it.

Her deal was to create a criminal justice podcast, as she shares insights after being frustrated with failing the baby bar twice.

However, the highly-anticipated podcast has been stalled and has yet to drop.

According to an insider who spoke to The Sun, there has already been much work done on the said podcast, but there are also several issues why it's taking so much time to finish.

"There have been countless rewrites, it was over-budget and COVID hit so they had to let half the production staff go last year, it was sad for those who had been involved from the beginning."

With so many things going on with Kim Kardashian's life, with her recent divorce, running her empire, being a mom, trying to pass the bar, and working with Team USA for the Olympics, does she still have time to do this criminal justice reform podcast?

The insider spilled that yes, the mom-of-four is still pretty much so devoted to it.

"I believe Kim is still really dedicated to the project and Spotify has invested a lot, so hopefully it will still come to fruition soon, everybody wants to see it happen."

And despite everything going on in her personal life, the insider revealed that "she's very professional and will honor her contract."

Fans of the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star has been begging her for some news on the show for several months already, with some of the most-tweeted-about things during the KUWTK reunion special was asking about her Spotify podcast drop.

However, The Sun did reach out to the KKW Beauty mogul, and they said they are "on track, production-wise," with the podcast set to release later this year.

Per the Wall Street Journal, she will work with Lori Rothschild Ansaldi for the podcast and be made exclusive for the platform.

The deal was estimated to be worth more than $100 million, with the streaming platform spending over $600 million in recent 2020 podcast acquisitions overall.

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Kim Kardashian Goes for the Gold With SKIMS

Meanwhile, another good news for Kim Kardashian is that she's about to rake in about $10 million or more from her loungewear line SKIMS after partnering with Team USA for the Tokyo Olympics.

The 40-year-old reality star shared the exciting news on her social media, even sharing pics of the Team USA SKIMS line.

 A lawyer estimated that SKIMS would make a lot of money as being in the Olympics will "provide her with worldwide exposure."

She further told The Sun, "She will easily break the Internet on her website for the loungewear as soon as it appears on the screen."

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