After months of being in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, James Charles made a shocking return to his YouTube channel after being accused of grooming minors.

Charles took to the social media platform on July 2nd to post a 30-minute video titled "An Open Conversation," where he does his makeup while addressing the controversy he faced recently.

He began by writing in the description that he made a lot of self-reflection and open conversations with his loved ones to face the issues.

In the video, the beauty mogul claims many conversations about him circulated on the internet were falsified, and there's no truth behind it.

He mentioned he's a human being that deserves privacy and respect.

"It's one thing to have a super innocent and casual conversation with somebody on Instagram DMs or a dating app, and then to scroll on your For You Page an hour later and see every single message that was sent." Charles defended himself after seeing screenshots of his conversations with boys. (via Dexerto)

Charles added he should hold himself accountable as he was the one who put himself in the situation.

The makeup artist also mentioned he would stop being in those situations where he's treated as a "science experiment" as his past dates took pictures of him without his consent.

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A timeline of accusations

Before his hiatus, Charles received a handful of accusations of sexual misconduct from minors whom he thought were of legal age.

Per BuzzFeed, It all started when a 16-year-old TikTok user posted a now-deleted video saying Charles allegedly made inappropriate comments like "pick me up for some road head." The beauty guru later denied the first allegation.

Within 24 hours of posting a statement, another minor shared screenshots of his conversation with Charles, saying that the messages never got sexual. Still, the beauty mogul allegedly continued to flirt with him even though he told him he's only 17

Following the claims, YouTube Originals announced that James Charles would not be hosting the second season of "Instant Influencer," a series hosted and co-produced by the guru.

After this, another 15-year-old minor spoke out to expose Charles of messaging him; the YouTuber later accused him of lying about his age which the minor claims he didn't.

On April 1st, Charles uploaded a now-deleted video titled "Holding myself accountable."

Per the outlet, he apologized to his fans for what had happened, and he mentioned he's taking responsibility as he's an adult.

He also discussed that he was baited by the minors he talked to as they initially said they are 18 years old.

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