Queen Elizabeth has surprised many royal watchers after Prince Philip passed away. This is because ever since the sad event, she was smiling more, attending more public events with grace and cheer, and just looking good, overall. Reports have now revealed why this could be so. 

According to Daily Mail, the Queen has made a secret agreement with Prince Philip on how either of them would live their lives upon one's passing. Allegedly, the secret agreement had the Queen agreeing not to mourn that long for her husband if he was the first to die. 

It went particularly like this: "whoever was left should mourn, but not for too long, then enjoy what remained of their life."

It appears that the Queen Elizabeth is certainly keeping her end of the bargain. She definitely mourned her husband for a while, but bounced back quickly in her dedication to public duty. Instead of looking all glum about it, she is putting on a brave face - one that looks cheerier than usual. 

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The monarch quickly transfromed from having "great sadness" etched in her features, which overshadowed her birthday into going back out and making jokes on certain issues. Her hilarious takes on Matt Hancock's mounting problems showed that she's recovering, or if not, she's certainly trying.


According to some experts however, another reason why she is smiling so much these days is that she simply enjoys being out and about, after several months of being stuck at home due to the pandemic. 

"While it may only be 11 weeks since her beloved husband was laid to rest at Windsor Castle, I'm not surprised to see so many pictures of our beaming Queen - not least as the lifting of COVID restrictions means that she, like the rest of us, is now able to return to some semblance of normality, " editor and royal expert Camilla Tominey wrote in Telegraph

"It is no secret that the Queen loathed lockdown, which stopped her carrying out what she has always viewed as the most essential part of her job: being seen to be believed," she added.

If she recovered quickly enough - enough to shock onlookers, they should not be doubting her hurt and grief over her husband's passing. They have been together for more than seven decades after all. But the monarch is just proving how dedicated she is to the palace and to the people - she would not be the longest reigning monarch if this is not the case. 

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