"Love & Hip-Hop's" Erica Mena has gone through so much drama over the weekend as she got over numerous scandals, including the alleged burner account shading Cys Santana and getting sued by Safaree Samuels over damaged property.

The reality television star has been in the headlines all month after giving birth to her and Safaree's newborn, as their baby suffered from health issues and his husband reportedly cheating.

Recently, Erica came under fire as an account resurfaced the internet for consistently going after Cyn making hateful comments for months.

The two became lovers in "Love & Hip Hop," and while everything was good for a while, their arguments began to unravel as receipts regarding Mena's ownership over a burner account were found by fans.

Erica Mena's Burner Account And Cyn Santana's Response

The said account had a name change and reportedly became the Instagram account for Erica's newborn son.

According to this article, on Wednesday, Cyn responded to the rumors during an interview with Mega 94.9FM. As the singer was promoting her latest single, Cyn was asked about the situation.

Cyn was adamant said that she does not want to focus on negativity but rather concentrate on promoting her single, but she did say, "I don't want no parts of anything that is weird, anything that is dark.'"

She continued, "I just got to pray for that." "I wish her well, I didn't even know I was a thought still today," Cyn added.

"Prayers for everybody that needs it. God bless...much strength, much light. I've been there; I know it's a dark, dark place. Much love to her, much success, but I want to focus on my song 'Come.'"

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Erica Mena Vs. Ex-Husband Safaree Samuels

According to TMZ, after the couple's divorce, they had gone through so many ups-and-downs that Safaree filed court documents asking the judge to hold his ex accountable for violating their domestic relations standing order.

These court documents prohibit them from harassing each other or destroying each other's property during the divorce proceedings.

Mena's ex-husband Safaree Samuels filed these documents as the reality star destroyed $50 Million worth of customized sneakers, two of his motorcycles, and a four-wheeled motorbike.

Safaree pointed out Erica was eight months pregnant with their second child when all this alleged mayhem went down.

He also claimed that their home security cameras recorded all of it, and he's more than happy to turn that footage over to the court.

He wants the judge to force Erica to reimburse him around $50k for the damage.

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