The NFL almost lost another player after Richard Sherman barely escaped a life-and-death situation.

Following his initial arrest, the authorities released the official crash report that detailed what truly happened to Sherman.

The documents, which a news outlet obtained, revealed that Sherman barely avoided a head-on crash on a barrier during the dreaded car accident. A diagram also showed how the NFL star drove his 2014 Mercedes in Washington.

The incident that happened during the wee hours of July 14 reportedly almost claimed the athlete's life.

The police also theorized that Sherman did not see the right turn. So instead of driving around the bend, he bumped his car's left side into the highway's barrier. The diagram highlighted how close he was to a potentially life-threatening accident.

What surely contributed to it was the fact that the officials alleged him driving under influence at that time.

However, despite the collision, Sherman continued to drive into a parking lot where he left the damaged car.

More Charges For Sherman?

Aside from the new report, a surveillance video added more headache as it showed how Sherman attempted to violently break into a home owned by his wife's parents.

He attempted to open the locked door while profanely yelling and demanding his father-in-law Raymond Moss to come out. He also tried to break the house using his arms and shoulder.

The footage also recorded people's screams as they tried to stop the confrontation. His wife, Ashley Sherman, also called 911 requesting immediate assistance. She revealed that he even threatened to take his own life during the incident.

She reportedly warned the police that Sherman might fight back as he currently takes antidepressants and mental health regime.

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The Redmond police officers then arrested him outside the house and held him without bail until Thursday. He received charges for resisting arrest, driving under the influence, criminal trespassing, and malicious mischief. Meanwhile, they dropped the felony charges of burglary domestic violence.

Before leaving the jail, a judge ordered him to avoid contacting his father-in-law and consuming any alcoholic drinks and nonprescription drugs. The prosecutors also forbid him from obtaining guns.

Meanwhile, another 911 caller also accused him of a single-car hit-and-run when he reportedly drove through a closed road.

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