Is Jessica Simpson putting pressure on her husband Eric Johnson to "clean up his act and obtain a job"? That's according to one tabloid. 

It was not that long since Simpson confirmed her COVID-19 diagnosis and how it affected her life last year. Even if she only revealed the diagnosis this year, the singer was open about her experiences both as a TV personality and a mother.

In addition, the two have just celebrated their seventh anniversary as husband and wife as Johnson shared an Instagram post, according to E!.

 Gossip Cop  posted an article analysis as one source said the American actress was demanding too much from her husband at home.

Jessica Simpson's Demands To Husband Eric Johnson

The National Enquirer reported that Jessica Simpson had ordered her husband, Eric Johnson, to get a job and lose the beard. The fashion mogul Simpson specifically told her husband that he must shave his beard for a change and claim a broadcasting gig.

An insider told the outlet, "Everybody who meets Eric comments on what an awesome life he has, between the all-day golf excursions, the unlimited spending money, and his incredibly relaxed home situation with Jessica and the kids."

The source described that the couple's relationship as a married couple is "stronger than ever" that they would consider having another child as a couple. They also said, "This is a guy who shaves once a month, if that." The insider also summarized the whole situation where they said that Simpson wants more from Johnson just after seeing her ex Tony Romo had a TV gig that was doing well.

The stated point further became a drive for Simpson to make her husband do the same. According to the insider, Romo's new position has "impressed" Simpson, "But it's made her demand more from Eric. He's supposed to be the head of the family, not just arm candy for Jessica."

On a final note, the insider dished, "She's decided he's going to have to work harder from now on."

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What Was The Real Deal Between Simpson and Johnson?

After Gossip Cop decided to go through the story, the article was said to be mainly focused on "toxic masculinity."

Other than that, they also doubted that the singer would have any issue with her husband. Despite the tabloid's claim that Johnson does nothing, by all accounts, he is a hands-on father of three children and a husband to Simpson.

Furthermore, Simpson and Johnson seem to be doing well on their own. They even celebrated being together for 11 years and married for seven, along with love and gratitude for one another.

Another point, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson already had their official break up and obviously got married for the actress to care about his ex's career. It is unlikely Simpson would follow his career so closely and obsessively that she would let it affect her current relationship.

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