Fans were swooning over Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's relationship when they reconciled after almost two decades of breakup. More recently, a tabloid reported that the actor wants to take things to a new level, but the "On The Floor" hitmaker refuses to. What's the truth?

According to a report published by National Enquirer, an unnamed source revealed that Affleck wants to "elope" and suggested that they go to Mexico for a "quickie no-frills wedding!" but Lopez refuses to as she's allegedly not serious about the relationship.

The insider added that the singer only sees Affleck as a "fun fling between two good friends" because the pair has been through many emotional problems over the past year.

Affleck is allegedly very serious about the relationship and very concerned with their romance, but Lopez is just looking for relaxation before making serious decisions regarding her dating life.

The source also revealed that Affleck is the closest one to tie the knot out of all Lopez's past lovers, but the singer is "not ready for that kind of commitment."

Rumors Debunked

Even though the report sounds convincing to some, Gossip Cop debunked the rumors.

The outlet mentioned that the tabloid's way of reporting is a win-win situation, whatever happens to the pair. If they exchange vows shortly, the tabloid can claim their report is accurate; if they don't, they can also say they were right.

Regarding the pair's seriousness with their relationship, Affleck recently scouted for a house in California with Lopez and her kids, meaning the two are getting along, especially since their children are very much involved.

TMZ reported that Lopez and Affleck checked out three properties during their mansion-hunting, but it was not stated whether they already settled on one.

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Bennifer 2.0

After the pair broke off their relationships with their respective partners, they were photographed together.

The couple has been inseparable since as they reportedly going out on dates with their children.

They were also spotted having a make-out session in front of their family members during Lopez's sister's birthday in Malibu.

Affleck and Lopez were scheduled to marry in 2003, but they canceled their wedding just a few days before the ceremony because of "excessive media attention."

However, their engagement was called off in 2004.

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