Scooter Braun has officially filed for a divorcen from Yael Cohen on Wednesday. Now, the music mogul has asked for joint custody for their three children.

The 40-year-old music manager, representing artists including Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, filed for divorce in Los Angeles just this Wednesday, July 21, after seven years marriage with Yael Cohen.

The question now is, what will happen next?

Numerous sources have already stated that the pair are now focused to dedicating themselves to being co-parents for their kids, Jagger, Levi, and daughter Hart. 

A source told People that the divorce is not easy for both.

"They're both heartbroken. They realized they were not going to be able to fix things and they decided to move ahead with the divorce," the insider said. 

The source added that the former couple is still "together with one another a lot" for their children, also "they don't want to have a messy divorce."

"They have to co-parent so they're keeping it cool," the source also said.

The producer also has also agreed to pay Yael spousal support per their prenuptial agreement, according to TMZ.

Scooter Braun and Yael Cohen Divorce Surprisng

Braun's divorce filing came ten days after the couple separated after seven years of marriage. Reportedly, they were still supposed to work through things.

"Their friendship is the best it's ever been, but they're taking some time apart to sort things out," the source at the time said.

Sources also reported that as a lot of couples went through hard times during the pandemic.

Back then, the source stated, "they love each other and just need some time apart and will hopefully bounce back for their kids."

Earlier this month, Braun celebrated their wedding anniversary with a photo from their ceremony with an Instagram post.

"Thanks to you I have grown, I have been pushed to be the best version of myself and to continue growing and learning," he wrote on July 6 alongside a black-and-white portrait from the wedding.

"The adventure is just beginning. Thank you Yae. I love you. Happy anniversary."

In the comments section, Cohen replied, "A Team 4lyfe."

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Braun In Talks Of Family And Work

Back in 2020, Braun raved about Cohen and shared about balancing his work and life on Ashley Graham's podcast "Pretty Big Deal."

He said during his appearance, "I found that people who have a foundation of family - whether it be with the family they make with their friends, the family they start, or the family they already had - they're able to sustain a lot better because that's what really matters."

Braun continued that when he suffered from insecurities from success as he looked for validation. As he met Yael and was gifted with kids, he no longer needed proof from anyone anymore.

As he finished the talk, he added that he could do good work and be kind in the progress, "Other people's issues are not my issue. I can only control my own actions. But she kind of gave me that comfort that I'm enough."

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