Ryan Reynolds decided to set making jokes aside this time and delivered a powerful, inspiring message to everyone.

As of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood, Reynolds surely looks like he has a perfect life. He has his own franchise and can appear in any interviews as long as his schedule permits.

However, the actor is not always on top that he also experiences anxiety as he tries to take the road toward success.

Speaking on the "Smartless" podcast, the 44-year-old "Deadpool" actor revealed the two sides of having anxiety. According to Reynolds, his childhood played a huge part in causing dreaded anxiety in his life. The talk started when the podcast's co-host Sean Hayes read a part of the post the actor shared during Mental Health Awareness month.

When asked whether he felt scared of getting over the anxiety, he revealed that everyone already experienced walking on the same tightrope.

"I see anxiety as sort of an engine in a way, sometimes for creativity, but it's got its own sort of cloud and shroud of darkness," he said.

Ryan Reynolds' Anxiety Brings Luck, As Well

In the same interview, he noted that he remains grateful for the anxiety he experiences since it teaches him to transform negativities into something useful.

While this could inspire other people, he also warned about the dark side of it before sharing how he manages to overcome it.

"There's a lot of insomnia associated, a lot of sleepless nights where you're lying awake over-analyzing everything, and it's very hard to turn one's brain off," he added. "So that's where you start to rely on meditation and all kinds of other things just to kind of get yourself back to a centered place."

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Reynolds also took his chance to share how his anxiety developed during his childhood days.

Per the actor, his father contributed the most reasons for him to feel anxious and worried at all times. He recalled how he tried to act carefully since his father could "explode" in one wrong move.

For Reynolds, the whole experience can be compared to walking into a landmine. Because of this, the young version of himself started to "predict" the future and constantly overanalyzed things.

Fortunately, the negative thing about him helped him to become the man he is now.

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