Is Bob Barker now too old to do regular routines by himself?

Over a decade since "The Price is Right" game master left the show, a tabloid claimed that Barker is dying and spending his last days at home.

In a report posted by The Globe (as quoted by GossipCop), the now-97-year-old star can no longer leave his home alone. He reportedly needs a full-time caretaker to survive a day.

One of the news outlet's insiders said that Barker already reached his last days, and he is now spending it as peaceful and quiet as possible.

"The fact is he's had two strokes and a few serious falls, and he can't do much except sit and watch TV," the source said.

Although Barker's memory is still sharp, the insider claimed that its capacity and ability to think and store information ultimately shifted. The former host was reportedly too weak to give a high five.

Is Bob Barker Really Dying?

Reports like this caught GossipCop's attention again. As usual, the report is one of the false claims the tabloid claimed.

According to the investigative site, Barker is already old. Thus, he really cannot do any extreme works again except relaxing and sitting all day long.

It also noted that not seeing Barker outside his home is only normal, especially since he is at risk of infection and has a higher chance of contracting COVID-19. With the ongoing health issues, the former host surely wants to protect himself.

"It includes the detail that Barker has had "two stokes and a few serious falls," but omits the fact that all of that happened years ago," GossipCop went on.

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A news outlet also revealed in March 2020 that he currently self-quarantines at his home in Los Angeles. Despite being alone, he has been doing fine as he is used to self-isolation.

Indeed, Barker already went through several health issues in the past years even before he retired from "The Price is Right."

In 2018, he went through a rough year when he was hospitalized twice due to severe back pain. At that time, a representative told USA Today that he was recuperating from the pain but his status was improving.

Bob Barker also underwent surgeries in the past years after suffering from stroke, including a procedure to clear a blocked artery.

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