In an episode of the "This Is Paris" podcast, hosted by Paris Hilton herself, the socialite shocked listeners when she said "I'm pregnant with triplets" and "looking forward to motherhood" amid pregnany rumors. The socialite, however, immediately said that she was just kidding as she shut down rumors she's expecting a baby anytime soon. 

Hilton revealed that she was shocked after waking up on Tuesday morning and received thousands of congratulatory messages from people everywhere.

"I also woke up to about 3,000 texts, all my iPhones are blowing up - all five of them - everyone wishing me congratulations and so happy for me and, yes, I've heard from people I haven't heard from in years." Hilton stated. (via People)

Fans were disappointed because they thought the heiress is finally having a child at the age of 40, but Hilton clarified one thing about the pregnancy rumors.

She mentioned that she's "not pregnant yet" because she's waiting until after she ties the knot with her fiance, Carter Miliken Reum.

Hilton added that her wedding dress is currently being made and she wants the outfit to fit perfectly.

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Paris Hilton, Carter Miliken Reum Trying a Medical Treatment

In early reports, Hilton appeared in an episode of "The Trend Reporter with Mara" where she discussed that she and her fiance are undergoing an "in vitro fertilization process."

Hilton mentioned that medical treatment is the only way for them to conceive twins that have different genders.

"We have been doing the IVF, so I can pick twins if I like," she stated. The highest-paid female DJ mentioned that it was Kim Kardashian who told her about the process because the "KUWTK" star herself underwent IVF and had two children following the medical treatment.

What Is In Vitro Fertilization?

According to Mayo Clinic, In Vitro Fertilization, or simply IVF, is a complex series of medical procedures to help couples conceive a child and prevent genetic problems.

In the process, the female's mature eggs and the male's sperm cells are collected. Following this, the cells will be fertilized in a lab and will be transferred to the uterus. It is believed to be the most effective way of assisted reproductive technology.

Does Paris Hilton Have Names For Her Future Children?

Hilton mentioned in the podcast that it is her dream to have a daughter named London.

She also has a name for a baby boy but she mentioned that she won't be revealing the name anytime soon.

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