'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' is coming back with a brand new season. This time, the production aims to share updates on the former cast; fans can also expect new couples.

This season will revolve mainly around the struggles of lovers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The big question is, will these couples survive their relationship, unlike the previous cast members who shared numerous feisty arguments throughout their season.

Per TV Insider, the new season will air on August 29, Sunday, only on TLC.

Are you excited to see new and familiar faces? Let's run them down below!

Alina and Steven

According to People, Steven grew up in a conservative family in Salt Lake, Utah, where he served most of his life for the church of Mormon. Alina is a 20-year-old Russian girl whom he met online.

The pair had a big problem, the Russian border closed because of the ongoing pandemic, so they're having a hard time meeting. Now, the couple is currently planning to meet and tie the knot in Turkey.

Will Alina marry Steven even after her suspicions of infidelity? Does Steven has dark secrets that he never told his girlfriend? The only way to find out is to watch the show, which will air next month!

Armando and Kenneth

The show previously featured the couple in the past season. Kenneth had already moved to Mexico and popped the question to Armando.

Fans can expect the engaged couple to argue because of the budget of their wedding. This season, Armando is also likely to open up about his relationship with his father.

The queer pair wants to start a family after their marriage, considering surrogacy or adoption.

Ariela and Biniyam

The pair had a baby named Avi, and they are currently living in Ethiopia, where Ariela is based. This season will explore the couple's problems as Ariela's ex, who has been her husband of ten years in the past, is trying to win her back.

Both are also facing a more significant problem with their son's medical condition as he needs to have hernia surgery. Ariela is now planning to take her child to the United States for better medical care, but Biniyam is skeptical that she might not return.

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Ellie and Victor

Ellie first met the love of her life a few years back when she went on a trip to South America. Now, they currently have a long-distance relationship set up.

Ellie is excited to see him in person again, and she's willing to give up everything, including her restaurant in the U.S.

The couple faces financial problems and trust issues as their communication stopped after a devastating hurricane passes over the small Colombian island. Now that Ellie is back in Providencia, she's desperate to find him.

Sumit and Jenny

The 30-year age gap does not hinder this couple from loving each other, but they had numerous heated arguments in the past season.

Jenny is living in India for over a year now, and she feels that she's losing the chance to marry Sumit.

Sumit's big problem is his mother, which does not approve of Jenny because she's not Indian. However, the mom is willing to train her to become an amazing daughter-in-law for her.

Evelin and Corey

The show also featured the pair in a previous season, and now, they're planning their big wedding after the lockdown in Evelin's home country, Ecuador, has been lifted.

However, they're facing a more significant challenge as Corey admitted that he almost delved into infidelity with another woman while they were far from each other.

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