Is Brad Pitt now living in Oxford? Well, not exactly. The actor's counterpart, who now works as his impersonator, opens up his daily struggles for having an uncanny resemblance with the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" star.

Nathan Meads, a 35-year-old single dad based in England, has impressive physical similarities with Pitt.

From the actor's style to facial features, Meads explained that he gets compared to the actor a lot since he was 20.

Meads is now working as an impersonator after many people told him to do so.

However, being a Brad Pitt look-alike is not always pleasing to him as the dad of three struggles with his dating life, mainly when he dates with women "who are obsessed" with the actor.

"I was first told when I was 20 years old that I looked like Brad Pitt and this continued for about 10 years but I would always just laugh it off," Meads told The New York Post.

The impersonator revealed that people ask him if he's the real thing or whether his mom has "had an affair" with the Oscar-winning actor.

"A lot of people, even now, will do a double-take when they walk past me or will ask me for a picture, although some of them just take pictures without me realizing." he added.

Meads mentioned that he didn't care about the uncanny resemblance at first, and it took him years to figure out the similarity between him and Pitt.

He later used it to benefit and sent out photos to look-alike agencies to get gigs and bookings. Meads earn about $350 to $690 for every event he attends.

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Nathan Meads' Struggles With Dating For Being a Look-alike

Pitt's doppelganger stated that he "get hit on by women" numerous times because they can't believe that he has striking similarities with the actor.

People online also accused him of catfishing, telling him that he has been using pictures of the actor.

Meads mentioned that being a look-alike would often lead women to start "stalking" him.

Brad Pitt's Look-alike Not Looking For Angelina

Although having the same features with Pitt is somehow advantageous for him, Meads opted to stay single as he's happy with his daughters and mentioned that they are his biggest priority.

He mentioned that he's "not looking for my Angelina."

Other Brad Pitt Lookalike

Nathan Meads isn't the only look-alike of Brad Pitt. One celebrity is being compared to the actor.

According to The Things, fans think that actor Benicio del Toro looks like Pitt, especially in the film "Traffic."

Fans also believe that the two are both "aging like fine wine" despite their age. Supporters are also demanding them to collaborate in a film to play as brothers or twins.

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