Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner is branded a hypocrite after news broke out that she has gotten the role of Princess Charlotte in upcoming cartoon show "The Prince." This is in relation to what she said about the media and the paparazzi when they tried hard to get a picture of her baby with Joe Jonas, Willa. 

Sophie has strongly insisted that the media stay away, and even released some schussing statements about the paps, to secure her daughter's privacy. Back in May, as the paps attempted to take at least one photo of the baby girl she shares with Nick, the actress who played "Sansa" certainly brew up a storm

At the time, fans were quite supportive of the "X-Men Apocalypse" star, who played Jean Grey on this superhero movie.

However, now that she agreed to take part in a new comedy show featuring the relatively real lives of young royals, including Kate Middleton and Prince Harry's children, some cannot help but call her out on it. They think she's being a hypocrite to take part on this satirical animated series.

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Created by the widely-loved animated series "Family Guy" writer Gary Janetti, it's described as a comedic take on the inner workings of the Royal Family, as allegedly seen through the eyes of Prince William and Kate Middleton's oldest son, Prince George.

HBO Max released a new trailer of it on Thursday and it was quite controversial for how it "attacked" the royal kids. 


The character of the eight-year-old royal that Turner accepts to take on for one, is portrayed as a brat in the trailer, seen demanding a cup of tea that "doesn't taste like p***" and labelling the Queen a "bad b****". 

Fans immediately turned on Sophie for her agreeing to take part in The Prince, which mocks the children of the Royal Family since she's very "protective" of kids and their privacy, as reported by Daily Star

"For someone who preaches to the world about privacy and children's rights - Sophie Turner sure has no qualms mocking a child. Hypocrisy much?," one said. 

"This series is gross going after kids, interesting voice cast taking the p*** out of children for money while wanting privacy for their child, Sophie Turner, that you hun? Hope your child is never subject to this, do better! @joejonas not cool & disappointed," another ranted.

Turner is yet to react to these accusations.

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