Finally, a win for Johnny Depp. The disgraced actor reportedly secured a major court victory against Amber Heard after it was ruled that the latter's camp must produce documents to show that she has indeed stuck to her promise to donate her divorce payout to charity, amounting to a whopping $7 million.

Based on the exclusive report by Daily Mail UK, a judge has granted 23 of the 24 requests in the actor's "motion to compel," which just means that the charity organization must produce the paperwork relating to Heard's alleged contributions.

It can be remembered that when Amber Heard and Johnny Depp broke up in 2016 in a nasty manner, leading to one lawsuit after another, she said that she does not want any of Depp's money.

She said that she'll only do one thing to the divorce settment money, which is to donate. She also said that the money will be split into two, one for the American Civil Liberties Union and the other one, for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

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Apart from all the contentions that Johnny Depp has against his ex-wife, lawyers for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star, 58, is also on a journey to prove that the money that Amber Heard got from the divorce was not given to the alleged charity beneficiaries. They technically believe the gesture was a sham and have spent a year chasing to know the exact amount donated. 

They filed a petition in New York Supreme Court for the ACLU to give the documents that can prove Heard stuck to her pledge, after it has failed to cooperate. 


The lawyers did not let up and continued to pursue this issue, which allowed for the present results to happen.

Among the 24 requests, only one was rejected. 

The only request that Judge Arthur Engoron refused was one for the obtaining of documents relating to the actress's role as a "brand ambassador" for the ACLU.

The judge ruled Depp "has satisfied the initial burden of stating the circumstances of reasons underlying the subpoena... the ACLU has failed to demonstrate that the information sought it utterly irrelevant to the action."

The holding also stated that, "for the reasons stated herein, the petition is granted and denied in part and respondents are ordered to comply with all subpoenas with the exception of... documents pertaining to Ms Heard's role as a brand ambassador for the ACLU."

It was revealed in January that documents turned over by Children's Hospital Los Angeles revealed Amber Heard only allegedly made a donation of $100,000. While that is no sum to scoff at, it is way too low compared to the promised $3.5m "gift.".

Proving Amber Heard did not give the donations she said she would can do so much more than just prove the actress did not mean it when she said she does not care about Depp's money. 

Depp's lawyers want the docs to prove Heard was lying when she boasted about the charity decision, not just once.

It can be recalled that the actor lost a defamation case last year against the UK's Sun newspaper when a British High Court judge held that the publication's description of him as a 'wife beater' was 'substantially true' based on numerous altercations between the two.

When she provided her witness statement dated February 26, 2020, Heard has boasted that she "emained financially independent from him [Depp] the whole time we were together  and the entire amount of my divorce settlement was donated to charity."

This victory comes as news circulated that not only Depp's career is so far gone by now it should be considered dead.

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