Prince George, the current third reserve to the British throne, might suffer from extreme media scrutiny in the future.

As the future King next to Prince William, Prince George started to get the immense spotlight at a young age. This set-up alarms the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, causing them to work harder to protect their children from hateful media coverage.

On Friday, a source revealed that the parents feel nervous about Prince George's future.

"He's growing up in a different era to his parents," a source told Us Weekly. "Times have changed since then. There wasn't social media or internet trolls when William and Kate were children."

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were said to be very mindful in order to protect the three children's privacy as much as possible.

According to the insider, they try to control it by being more selective on the events they attend, especially Prince George.

Prince William, Kate Determined To Give Prince George a Normal Life

Apart from giving him the privacy he needs, the royal couple also aims to give the third heir to the throne normalcy.

In a separate report by the news outlet, a source revealed that Prince William and Kate do not want to see their now 8-year-old son grow quickly. But since it is something unpreventable, they try to give him a normal life instead.

The insider shared that the Cambridges practice normalcy more when Prince George is outside the monarchy. Whenever he is in school, people do not call and address him as "Prince."

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"He mixes with children his own age. Kate and William don't shower him with expensive gifts nor do they over spoil him... George makes his bed every morning," the insider went on.

In return, the royals want their children to be respectful to anyone they meet, as well.

Although Prince George is still young, Prince William and Kate reportedly explained to their son about his royal title when he turned seven.

Per royal author Robert Lacey, the royal couple started to open their son's eyes about his life of future royal services and duties. He added that Prince William, as a father, only wants to give his son a normal family upbringing while working hard to make the monarchy stay relevant in the next years.

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