Dr. Alex Khadavi, a popular cosmetic dermatologist whose famous clients include Scott Disick, was arrested in California.

According to TMZ, police officials from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department went to the doctor's home in West Hollywood. He was charged with "felony criminal threats."

Per the outlet, Khadavi was not seen arrested in his home; there was no information whether he surrendered to authorities or was caught at a different place. Still, it was assured that he was taken under police custody.

Authorities set his bail at $50,000.

In early reports, the dermatologist made a distasteful homophobic rant against his neighbors; his actions were caught on camera when he went to the front desk of his condominium to complain and used a homophobic slur.

The outlet released the footage. However, before going to the lobby, he threatened his neighbors and told them that he would "blow their f****** heads off."

Per legal documents, the incident took place in an unnamed condominium complex in West Hollywood earlier this month.

The doctor's neighbors, who are a gay couple, filed for a restraining order against Khadavi.

In addition, the couple claims that the man in the reception area told them that the dermatologist made disturbing threats about killing gay people. Khadavi allegedly implied that he would kill his neighbors.

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Not The First Threat He Made

Months before the incident happened, the concierge claims that Khadavi went out to take his dog for a walk while allegedly holding a firearm.

The situation left his neighbors fearing for their safety. In 2016, "Million Dollar Listing" reality star, Matt Altman, was also threatened by the doctor, saying that he was approached in an event uninvited.

Altman then asked him to leave the premises, but Khadavi became violent as he allegedly claims that he "hated all Jews," and he threatened to take the reality star's life.

Khadavi has been doing this for years via phone. Altman was granted a restraining order.

However, the doctor's representative denies all the allegations saying that he is Jewish himself and all the accusations were "false" and "ridiculous."

He also claims that he was invited to the event.

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