Justin Bieber had proven that he puts his bad habits in the past as he now focuses on more serious things in life like her marriage with Hailey Bieber, creating music, and more.

But recently, after the singer was photographed in a marijuana store, one tabloid claims that he's back to his old drug habits; what's the truth?

According to a report published by National Enquirer, the "Purpose" hitmaker's friends are fearful that he's "backsliding" into his disturbing habits of drugs after he spent a thousand dollars on marijuana and edibles in a store in Los Angeles.

Per the store's owner, Brett Feldman, who spoke to the outlet, Bieber was interested in the benefits and causes of the said drug.

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Feldman added that the singer is changing the stigma on cannabis use.

The outlet also revealed that Bieber had used other substances such as pills, molly, and magic mushrooms.

A different source mentioned that his closest friends are worried about this and even "caused a lot of worry and anxiety" to them.

"All those around him really hope he actually has it under control."

Justin Bieber Set Up By The Outlet To Look Bad?

Following the report, Gossip Cop debunked all the issues against the singer.

According to the outlet, whatever money Bieber is spending on marijuana is for his pleasure as the substance is legal in LA compared to other celebrities who are wasting more money by buying bottles of alcohol.

In addition, National Enquirer was slammed by the outlet as they contradicted the real story behind Feldman.

They mentioned that the publication reversed the story to make it seem like Bieber is overusing cannabis. They were also exposed for the "close-minded" choice of words they used in the report.

Justin Bieber's Struggle With Drug Use

During Bieber's early days in the music scene, because he entered at a very young age, he mentioned in an interview with GQ Magazine (via NBC News) that he was having issues with his happiness.

He stated a "sense of still yearning for more" even though he amassed massive success. He added that he's still sad and hurting.

Bieber then reveals that he turns to drugs as he considers them a "numbing agent" to get through life at the time.

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