R. Kelly's trial is about to begin, and he has a lot of things to worry about. 

The "Ignition" singer is afraid that the jurors of his upcoming trial could be homophobic and is asking for the prosecutor's claims he assaulted underage males not to be talked about in court.

R. Kelly New Allegations 

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Robert Sylvester Kelly, the R&B singer's real name, and his lawyers respond to the prosecutors' claims from last week. 

The government filed documents revealing that they spoke to two men who claimed to be victims of Kelly when they were minors. 

According to the court documents, John Doe # 1 said he met Kelly at a local fast-food chain when he was 17 years old in 2006. 

The singer invited him to the recording studio and asked him if he was willing to do anything to become successful in the music industry. 

Then they reportedly proceeded to have sexual contact, with the prosecutors claiming that it was a violation of state law. 

The prosecutors said that Doe # 1 told them Kelly had him recruit his other male friend, John Doe # 2, who was 17-year-old at the time, with whom the singer also had sexual contact. 

Years later, Kelly allegedly was paying Doe # 2 for sex and recording their entire sexual encounter and Doe # 2's sexual encounter with Kelly's other sex partners. 

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R. Kelly's Upcoming Trial Will Include the Sexual Allegations

Prosecutors said that they are planning to bring up R. Kelly's sexual allegations in court. 

But in the singer's motion, his legal team demands the court stop the prosecutors and not allow the allegations to be brought in court. 

They said that the new claims were introduced just a week before his trial and haven't given them the time to prepare for his defense. 

Per Radar, R. Kelly also said that the government didn't provide the identity of the two John Does. 

"It is impossible for the defense to properly defend Mr. Kelly when the filing of the government's notice has not been provided in such time as to allow the defendant a fair opportunity to meet the evidence."

The lawyers also claim that the questions they plan on asking the potential jurors have already been approved by the court and said none of the questions asked about the individual's opinion on the LGBTQ+ community. 

They said it would be unfair to present the allegations where Kelly reportedly had sex with a man would not sit well with a jury who may dislike gay people. 

"The questionnaires sent to the potential jurors on Mr. Kelly's case are void of a single question about their opinions or feelings on same-sex relationships," per the singer's lawyers. 

They added, "The topic of sexual orientation has become as controversial as politics. This topic would have been ripe for questioning in the jury questionnaire."

"Thus, failure to include such questions violates Mr. Kelly's constitutional right to a fair trial."

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