Ellen DeGeneres is staying silent at home, and her wife is freaking out about her latest actions.

According to National Enquirer that the famous TV show host is temporarily leaving her wife.

DeGeneres is giving De Rossi the silent treatment so she could learn to communicate with apes through the use of sign language.

According to the outlet, the influential couple is currently sponsoring a gorilla sanctuary in Rwanda.

A source revealed to the Enquirer, "Ellen vows to stay as silent as possible until she gets this sign language down."

They went on to say, "She barely says a word to Portia and gives her this blank face all the time while she signs instead - and it's freaking Portia out!"

Per the outlet, the former "Ally McBeal" actress previously understood and was being patient with the entire situation, but now, it seems like she has reached her limit.

The source said, "She thinks Ellen has turned it into a crazy obsession. At least Ellen isn't arguing all the time, but Portia says Ellen still contradicts her, in sign language!"

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Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi, Leaving California?

Last month, the National Enquirer also asserted that Portia De Rossi thinks her wife Ellen DeGeneres is burnt out and is in serious need of some R&R.

The "Finding Dory" voice star faced a year of so many scandals, including the massive drop in her show's ratings, and is about to leave "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Now, De Rossi is reportedly concerned that DeGeneres might be at the end of her rope.

So she decided to the Emmy award-winning host to suggest a change of scenery by moving to the land down under.

According to an insider, De Rossi sees DeGeneres as someone unhappy with her life.

Many other sources cited that they fear the worst about the couple's marriage, alleging that it could end in a $300 million divorce.

But with Portia De Rossi's suggestion, they may be able to fix DeGeneres' life and their marriage life.

"Portia believes the change of scenery would bring a breath of fresh air to their relationship, and take some of the weight off Ellen's shoulders."

Are These Stories About Ellen DeGeneres True?

Gossip Cop investigated the National Enquirer's claim debunked these rumors.

Speaking of Ellen DeGeneres' silent treatment, they said, "Gossip Cop can deem the story false by the sheer audacity of it."

And as for moving to Australia, they pointed out evidence that DeGeneres and De Rossi are staying in California and have no plans to flee the country.


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