It's been a while since people have heard of "America's Next Top Model." The show has been the producer and main judge (for a while!), Tyra Banks' baby and a huge success. During its run, several feuds and scandals broke out, especially since most of the lives involved in this show had been women's - it could have been expected. One interesting feud that broke out was between Janice Dickinson and Tyra Banks.

Who would have thought that in 2021, the bad blood between them has not been resolved?

A new report claims that Janice Dickinson, a supermodel and one of the first really harsh judges on the show, is not a fan of Tyra Banks. The supermodel rehashed some past claims about being not respected by Tyra while she was still a judge, and claimed that the brainchild of the show did not treat other staff right. 

She said Tyra displayed an utter disrespect for her staff by gifting them with McDonald's as Christmas presents. 

She also revealed why she lost her appetite to being a judge of the show (albeit it was reported that Tyra Banks removed her), because she realized her voice as a judge was just being used as a front. Instead, she realized that Tyra Banks only choose based on Covergirl's decisions.

Speaking on Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef, she said, "So when I found that out, I was like, kind of reticent to even speak up anymore because they weren't taking my valuable words of wisdom and applying it to who should win or who should lose."

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She added that the working conditions in the reality competition show was bad and exhausting, and certianly nothing compared to the working atmosphere in "Rupaul's Drag Race."

"I did a stint on RuPaul. That was fabulous," she recalled. After saying this, she went on a tirade about Tyra gifting fast food instead of expensive gifts during the holidays. "They [RuPaul's Drag Race] treated us with respect, not giving us hamburgers or, or McDonald's Whoppers for Christmas presents like Tyra," Dickinson alleged.

It's apparent that she does not eat fast food not just because of the disdain in her voice when she made her accusations, but because she made mistakes in claiming what each fast food chain offered. Whoppers are not being sold by McDonald's.

"McDonald's Whoppers as Christmas Presents. Yea," Dickinson further joked. "How hard I was working, I should have had a gold Rolex or something," she added.

The supermodel even lamented the fact that present-day so-called models are no longer great speakers as they were in the past. She said this is a must-have skill for models to have a job on television.

"There have been several models that have gone on different jobs. Rene Russo, who's fabulous, friend of mine, have gone on to do other jobs on, in front of the camera because they're able to speak. Is Kylie Jenner a good speaker in front of the camera? I don't know. Is Gigi Hadid a good speaker in front of the camera? I don't think so," Dickinson stated.

Clearly she does not understand that both Gigi and Kylie no longer need to be on television, given their social media success nor do they need other jobs apart from the present one they have as model/influencer/business mogul.  

It can be considered one of the first reality shows that really did well in terms of the number of years it ran plus cycles it had. The reality competition show also influenced a host of others, but it did come to an end.  While people have long suspected that the choices of winners could have been rigged, people have continued watching and supporting it. After all, people already know that most reality shows are half-staged. 

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