Bill Gates his ex-wife Melinda Gates just wrapped up their bitter divorce, but this does not mean they have already completely cut ties with each other. After all, they would always be the parents of their children, and because they spent the last whopping 27 years together, they are unlikely to forget each other that quick, or each other's relatives. 

This is why Bill Gates and ex-wife Melinda could be described as having reconciled, even for a brief period of time. They certainly put their differences aside for a bit, decided family should be first no matter what - and then put on a unified front for their children to cheer for their future son-in-law Nayel Nassar.

The Microsoft mogul and his former partner of 27 years came together make sure that their daughter, who is walking down the aisle soon, know that they love her very much. Because getting divorced is not likely to shoot that idea in, they make sure that they can show her that they are capable of acting as one in supporting  son-in-law Nayel Nassar as he competes for Olympic gold! 

Bill, 65, and Melinda, 56, have three children together. 

Jennifer Gates, 25 is set to marry the Egyptian equestrian rider, one who's so good that he's competing  in the Tokyo Olympics! 

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Nassar, 30, has already had a successful run and already secured his spot in the upcoming finals. So gold is very much possible. The last thing he would need is to stress about his girlfriend worrying about her parents not being able to get together on special occasions such as this. 

Bill Gates himself gave their soon-to-be son-in-law a shoutout first. 

"I'm rooting for lots of the athletes in Tokyo right now-but none more than my soon-to-be son-in-law, @nayelnassar. Good luck, Nayel!" the tech mogul posted over his social media.  Melinda then followed suit with a more or less similar message, signalling they could think alike and act in unison if needed.


"I always love watching the Olympics. The #TokyoOlympics are particularly special because I get to cheer on my future son-in-law, @nayelnassar! We are so proud of you, Nayel (and Igor)!" she wrote on Wednesday. 


As of the court's decision on their divorce finale, 

Melinda is walking away from their failed marriage without any spousal support. Although based on the laws, she's going to get healthy chunk of Bill's $130 billion fortune.

Shockingly, Bill Gates only decided that each of his children with Melinda should onlyl receive only $10 million each, big for ordinary folks, but certainly not if one is the child of the man behind Microsoft. This is still under contention. 

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