For 2021, two albums are highly anticipated - Kanye West's "Donda" and Drake's "Certified Lover Boy."

It's already August, the second half of 2021, but no album has been dropped from either of the two music legends.

Kanye's release date for "Donda" keeps moving, while there's certainly no news when Drake's album is dropping.

They have been teasing their fans continuously and exciting their respective albums - they're doing everything EXCEPT dropping the album.

Kanye and Drake trended on social media after Drizzy teased his upcoming sixth album with the help of LeBron James on Instagram.

Now, fans are hoping that these icons drop their albums on the same day, and they think it would be an intentional move because it would create a stir on who's going to top the charts.

Kanye West vs. Drake: Who's Going to Drop It First?

While the "Hotline Bling" singer has been subtle about teasing the fans with his "Certified Lover Boy" album, Kanye West already held two massive listening events for "Donda," at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Because of the event, fans know the artists featured on the Yeezy creator's 10th studio albums, such as The Weeknd, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Roddy Richh, and others tapped to sing on verses.

"Donda" initially was set to be released on July 23, then August 5/6, but then it now probably will be available for streaming on Aug. 15.

Meanwhile, Drake is going extremely slow with the release of his.

"CLB" was hyped after a music video of the multi-platinum rapper was uploaded and leaked.

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According to several theories, Kanye may be deliberately pushing "Donda's" release date to clash with Drake's album.

Now, fans are just hoping both of them finally release their respective albums on the same day because they want to know who comes out on top after all of these delays.

One Twitter user wrote, "They talking bout Kanye and Drake dropping s--t at the same time... idc what's going on I just know that will be a good day."

A second Twitter user wrote, "Kanye and Drake should just drop their albums at the same time and let the people run to whichever one they want."

But one social media user wrote that both Kanye West and Drake should still choose their release dates wisely because Beyoncé is on the way.

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