It seems like there's a ray of hope for Prince Andrew as it was reported a socialite involved in Jeffrey Epstein's case is willing to testify for him and give evidence that would set him free from the allegations he's facing; however, there's one big hurdle.

According to Telegraph, as reported by Express UK, the woman accused of grooming Prince Andrew's accuser, Ghislaine Maxwell, is prepared to face and prove to the court the Duke's innocence.

The socialite has been friends with the Prince for a long time now, and she's most likely to offer assistance.

Per Maxwell's close friends who spoke to the outlet, she fully supports the Prince in his battle, and she's ready to talk about the truth that he never had a sexual encounter with Virginia Roberts Giuffre when she was 17.

However, since she's currently behind bars awaiting her trial, by the time the case against Prince Harry gets to court, she will either serve 85 years or her sentence would be cleared.

In addition, she has to prove her innocence in her ongoing sex trafficking allegations before the court ultimately considers her evidence for the Duke to be credible.

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Duke of York's Legal Team Having a Hard Time With The Case?

Per Guiffre's legal counsel, attorney David Boise, Prince Andrew's legal team is having a hard time as they're "totally stonewalled."

Boise added that the Duke has an option to ignore the woman and her lawyers, but he "can't ignore the judicial process."

Since photos of the royal and the accuser have emerged, Boise stated that the evidence doesn't go conclusively to the question as to whether sexual abuse happened that evening.

"It does I think significantly go to his credibility." he added.

Prince Andrew's Sexual Assault Allegations

In early reports, Virginia Giuffre, an alleged sexual assault victim of Jeffrey Epstein, is now going after the Duke of York, claiming that she was forced to have sex with him on three different occasions (in London, New York, and Jeffrey Epstein's island in the Caribbean) when she was just a minor.

The accuser spoke out and issued a statement saying that she's holding the royalty accountable for his actions, and his power is not an exemption.

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