Are Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard hitting rock bottom of their married life?

A new outlet claimed that Bell and Shepard are on verge of breaking apart following the actor's highly-publicized relapse.

In a report by National Enquirer, the tabloid claimed that the couple's marriage is currently in immediate danger. However, their agreement to host "Family Game Fight" together served as the last glue that keeps their relationship together for now.

According to its source, the couple started to work together to be back on track. However, Shepard's issues with addiction and his relapse made everything complicated.

"Kristen was furious with Dax after all she'd done to help him get and stay clean. [They] spent the entire pandemic in therapy and trying to put the pieces back together," the source added.

The same insider alleged that the couple created a "make-or-break" atmosphere on NBC's game show, with the hopes that their marriage could be fixed through the hosting experience.

But Are They Really Separating?

Following the shocking news, Gossip Cop investigated the matter and disclosed that their current hosting duties do not have anything to do with their marriage.

The investigative site did note that Shepard relapsed this year. However, the actress herself assured her she would stand by her husband no matter what.

Bell also applauded Shepard's commitment to getting better again.

"Their marriage is strong, and therapy's only going to make it stronger. This story is nothing more than an attack on Shepard for his experiences with addiction. It's distasteful and false," the news site went on.

Furthermore, the couple has been publicly showing their love toward each other.

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In an interview with Men's Health in 2014, she gave the perfect advice yet for couples. According to Bell, there is no perfect relationship. However, the imperfections that occur between two lovers are what makes a relationship great.

Per the dedicated wife, she and Shepard have a perfect relationship as they freely know they are not perfect. With that set-up, they always feel a freeing feeling that keeps everything smooth-flowing.

She also spoke about how trying to find "the right person" only causes dangers. Last year, she told the listeners of Justin Long's podcast, "Life Is Short With Justin Long" that relationships are not a puzzle.

With that, fans can completely calm down as there is no way Bell and Shepard plan to break up soon.

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