Did Joe Alwyn already put a ring on Taylor Swift?

Swifties have surely been waiting for the time Swift and Alwyn finally get married. However, a new report claimed that the couple actually tied knots secretly already.

According to Heat, the "Look What You Make Me Do" singer had been wanting to marry Alwyn as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 reportedly affected the plans.

Still, insiders revealed that the couple wanted it to be as grand as possible since they want to tie knots in the United Kingdom. But for now, they were content to say "I do's" via Zoom before having a low-key ceremony in Nashville.

"Joe was afraid Taylor would be disappointed without the big white wedding, but she assured him that she doesn't need a big show...so long as they have each other, that's enough for her," the insider reportedly said.

While this could hype fans, Gossip Cop immediately investigated the report and found something suspicious.

Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn Really Got Married?

Even without reading the whole story, Gossip Cop tagged the article as something bogus since the same news outlet alleged a false story a week ago.

Per the investigative site, it reported that Blake Lively was planning Swift's wedding. It also published another allegation that the couple was getting married in London.

"This total lack of consistency betrayed how little it knows about the "Our Song" singer. With a track record this terrible, it was easy to debunk the story," the site went on.

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It is now safe to say the answer to the question of whether Swift and Alwyn already got married. For now, the two are happily dating, and no wedding announcement has been released yet.

However, though, Swift sparked wedding rumors last year when she posted a photo of her wearing a white dress. It turned out that the Instagram photo was just part of her upcoming video "Willow."

Fans cannot hear wedding bells real soon since the singer herself repeatedly spoke about not having her own family soon. In 2020, the "Love Story" singer shared a glimpse of their story through her Netflix documentary, "Miss Americana."

At that time, she revealed what she thinks about starting a family with her boyfriend. Per Swift, she is not yet ready to start a family with Alwyn.

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