Prince George grows too fast that he could wholly outshine Prince Harry soon.

In the past months, Prince George began to steal everyone's attention as he grows older to become a successor.

With the fast-pacing development, a royal journalist and commentator warned Prince Harry about his impending downfall.

In an interview with US Weekly, Jonathan Sacerdoti noted how "maturing" Prince George would eventually get the media's spotlight since he is the future king. He added that the importance of Prince Harry in royal watchers' eyes decreases because of the Cambridges.

Because of this, he alleged that the Duke of Sussex already began using his time wisely to earn people's approval. In the past months, the royal prince became notably active with his commercial and philanthropic projects.

However, he revealed that the Britons pay no attention to his projects and memoirs.

"I think most people in the UK are pretty bored of Prince Harry and Meghan, I think they know that as well," Sacerdoti said. "I'm not sure they're really aiming at the UK market in their actions for the commercial deals they're making."

Still, they enjoy a tiny amount of attention due to people's interests in the royal family.

Prince Andrew Knows Prince George Is Threat

In the same interview with US Weekly's Mollie Mulshine, Sacerdoti claimed that Prince Harry knew people would stop growing interest in him once Prince George finally matures.

Despite his attempts to stay relevant, the royal commentator revealed that royal family members tend to become less interesting as they get older. They also constitutionally overshadow in the line of succession.

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Unfortunately, no matter what Prince Harry does, he would never be near the throne as much as Prince William and Prince George can.

"He's going to get further down with every child that William and Catherine have. And so I think he realises in that respect or at least the implication of the journalist was that he realises his time is limited to make a splash," Sacerdoti added.

He noted that Prince Harry once said he wants to use his time wisely to be involved in important issues. He constantly attaches his name to them, as well.

For now, Prince Harry dropped the bombshell news about his upcoming memoir.

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