Chadwick Boseman's widow, Taylor Simone Ledward, isn't getting reimbursement for the funeral expenses she paid for. 

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Ledward is demanding that the court pay $71,000 from Boseman's estate. 

A few months ago, she filed a claim asking to be reimbursed $71,613.74, including $9,500 for the venue, $8,500 for the funeral expenses, $2,631 for the beverages, and $1,275 for the flowers. 

She also spent about $7,495 for a mausoleum crypt in South Carolina at the McDougald Funeral Home. 

However, the court has recently rejected the claim and citing that the request should be "supported by evidence of payment by the claimant." 

According to the court's order, Ledward's support for the claim isn't clear "based upon the partial payments, transferred account and documents provided." 

Based on the size and complexity of Boseman's widow's claim, they needed further proof that she paid for those items. 

In newly filed documents, Ledward provided receipts, check stubs, and even financial records are showing how much money she spent on Chadwick Boseman's funeral. 

She could even get statements from the "Black Panther" actor's close friends, who paid for certain expenses and were later reimbursed by Ledward.

Meanwhile, Leroy and Carolyn Boseman also filed documents in the case requesting to be notified of all matters of their late son's estate. But it is currently unclear if they have issues with how it is being managed. 

Per reports, Chadwick Boseman's estate is worth over $3.5 million after battling stage III colon cancer for three years. 

He attempted to beat cancer by enduring chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. 

The "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" actor passed away on Aug. 28, 2020. 

Despite knowing he had a life-ending illness, Boseman didn't create a last will. But a few months after his death, Boseman walked down the aisle with Taylor Simone Ledward, whom he had been dating since 2015. 

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When Boseman died, Ledward was immediately appointed as the executor of the actor's estate in court. Her task was to take care of all creditor's claims and make sure that her late husband's finances were taken care of. 

In the first few months after taking over, Ledward was able to provide the court with an estimate of the value of Boseman's "personal property." The original number was $939,000 worth of property, but after going through everything, it reportedly increased. 

The increase was said to have been after several checks coming in, such as Disney providing two large checks for money they owed the actor.

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