Erika Jayne had reportedly spent over $130,000 on her husband, Thomas Girardi's, credit card just months before she decided to divorce him. 

In court documents obtained by Radar, the trustee presiding over the disgraced lawyer's Chapter 7 bankruptcy discovered "transfers" from his former law firm to Jayne. 

The list is only for the purchases made in the year before Girardi was forced to file bankruptcy. 

Creditors are accusing Girardi of embezzling money and using the fund to fund his and his then-wife's luxurious lifestyle. 

After the shocking discovery, the trustee appointed by the court to take control of Girardi's finances also uncovered several American Express transactions made by Jayne's company months before she filed for divorce. 

In Nov. 2020, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star left her husband after being married for 21 years. At the time of the filing, Tom Girardi's legal issues were already starting to pile up. 

But it also appeared that Erika Jayne didn't have any problem racking up massive debt on Girardi's credit card. 

Per the documents, the reality star's company EJ Global got a massive amount of dough from Girardi's law firm.

In fact, on May 4, the company's American Express credit card was used to make more than 21 purchases. The amount spent ranged from $1 and as high as $2,000. 

The majority of the purchases, however, were in the hundreds of dollars range. 

Back in March, EJ Global also used the credit card for various expenses in the thousands range. Meanwhile, in January, Jayne's company used the credit card to buy something worth more than $50,000. 

These purchases were detailed in a 151-page filing in Tom Girardi's bankruptcy case. 

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Page Six has also reported recently that the lawyer investigating Erika Jayne for embezzlement believes she spent more than $14 million on the said credit card from 2008 until 2020. 

But Jayne's lawyers deny the claims. In fact, she is claiming she never received any money and didn't even control EJ Global. 

But her RHOBH co-star, such as Sutton Stracke, doesn't believe a word she's saying. 

Currently, the trustee is suing Jayne as they demand the return of the $25 million. They believe that Girardi transferred money to Jayne when he knew he couldn't pay his bills. 

Jayne is also trying to build her defense before she responds to the court.

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