Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner reportedly have two mansions being constructed next to each other, and Twitter critics are not happy about it.

According to Daily Mail UK, the two Kardashian stars' new home began construction inside an exclusive gated community in Hidden Hills, Calabasas.

In the photos and videos circulated online, the houses appear to have made impressive progress since it was first photographed. (check out a drone video below)

Trees, bushes, and other greenery were also planted in the mega lot. Aside from sprouting greens, their new houses will have at least one gigantic swimming pool each.

The Kardashian matron's house is painted dark gray and appears bigger than the "Good American" CEO's manor, painted in beige tones.

Per Variety, the first outlet to report the building plans in October of last year, one property is measured at around 16,500 square feet and boasts a staggering eight bedrooms.

One of the houses also has a garage that could fit eight cars, a guest house, a gym, and a home theatre. The outlet did not specify whether the said info is placed at Khloe or Kris' house.

The Dirt reported about the costs of the expensive homes. Kris' mansion costs around $20 million since it's bigger, while Khloe's property has a price tag of $17 million. Both properties cost $37 million combined.

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Twitter Users Are Not Happy

Ever since reports about their multi-million dollar mansions are in the works, Twitter users are not happy about the news labeling the two as insensitive since millions of homeless people in America.

"Nothing says entitlement more than two massive oversized homes built next to each other when there are so many homeless and struggling families in the world," one user wrote.

"I have no idea why these people are even popular. Where did they come from, and why are they still news? Surely my household would make a better series than the Kardashians," another one wrote.

One critic also joked about how Khloe's mega-mansion could fit Tristan Thompson's side chicks.

"Big enough house for Tristan and his side pieces to each have their own room. So sweet of Khloe," the user wrote.

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