A new witness dropped a statement against R. Kelly and his alleged plot to save himself from any sexual abuse claims.

During the Wednesday trial in New York City, a witness testified that R. Kelly forced his then-girlfriends to write fake blackmail letters to him. The disgraced singer reportedly aimed to use the documents if he ever got charged with sexual abuse claims.

The witness, who went by the name "Jane Doe," read the fake letter which warned the singer she would tell everyone he raped her if he breaks up with her. She added that she would say the singer raped her when she was a minor.

The same notes sent a warning to R. Kelly, threatening she would hit herself really hard until she got enough bruises. The witness then penned at that time she would accuse him of physically abusing her, as well.

Following the reading, she disclosed that the abuse was real. However, she clarified that her letter and the other communications written by his victims were all engineered by R. Kelly. The witness alleged that the disgraced musician did it in order to save himself from a trial like the one he is currently in.

The now-23-year-old woman previously said she was groomed and demoralized by R. Kelly in 2015. At that time, she was a 17-year-old aspiring singer.

Kelly Gave Victim Perverted Punishments?

After the witness gave her testimony, assistant U.S. attorney Elizabeth Geddes ran down her testimony. She mentioned the allegations against R. Kelly, about how he knowingly isolated her before giving her perverted punishments.

Attorney Geddes then asked the witness who they should be blamed for the events - her parents or R. Kelly - to which she responded, "The defendant."

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The singer has repeatedly denied the claims of his victims. His lawyers already hit back and claimed that the accusers were just groupies who lied about their relationship with R. Kelly.

The Wednesday trial also witnessed and heard a testimony from a former member of the singer's entourage. They reportedly helped him to find a pastor who performed her secret marriage ceremony to the late singer, Aaliyah.

The then underage singer eventually died years later in a plane crash in 2001.

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