The star behind "Kim Possible" and "Even Stevens," Christy Carlson Romano, shared financial wisdom that she wished she could have used after ending his Disney journey.

According to E!, the Disney alum opened up how she spent her fortune from her teenage years.

"I will take you on a journey to my path of financial fluency and how I made and lost millions of dollars," Romano said in a YouTube video, "How I Lost All My Money."

Even though she was one of Disney's most prominent actresses in the early days, the now 37-year-old actress ended in debt.

"I really regret not investing my money wisely," she admitted, along with not getting her own house. "I didn't take any money and store it away other than the Coogan money," the voice actress referenced the trust account that held a percentage of a child actor's wages by law.

The star later confirmed that she used that money to go to college. However, after leaving school less than two years in, she had money at her disposal and admittedly "didn't care" about it.

Clueless Romano

The "Even Stevens" actress also admitted that she had no idea how much money she makes as "money didn't have a purpose" for her.

As she reached 21, Romano separated from her family as she did not like them managing her finances. At the same age, she said she made $1 million after getting record and book deals but spent all of it right after.

She explained that she ended up buying expensive items to "feel better" and get the "joy of feeling accepted and a lot less alone."

"Even to this day, there's nothing I can really do about the fact that money came and went," she also added. They also reported that she splurged on a new Mercedes G-Wagon and a 1972 Corvette. She even talked with a psychic, whom she said got "a bunch of money" from her.

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Christy Carlson Romano's Financial Advice

With her having less money, the "Kim Possible" voice actress ended up taking jobs that she never thought of doing. The star, now married with children, wanted her daughters to have better knowledge of handling money.

This article reported that Romano and her husband, Brendan Rooney, have two children as she gave birth to her second in February 2019.

"Build small and make sure that you're doing things that are smart," she advised, "that can make you money, not break you and enjoy the things that are not expensive."

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